High-Voltage Power Management

Save Space. Lower BOM. Improve Efficiency.

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Today’s high‑tech systems require complex control of voltage rails and power timing. Integrating these functions into a single device can save space, lower Bill of Material (BOM) costs and improve efficiency. Telephonics Large Scale Integration (TLSI) has developed numerous Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) for customers in the automotive, industrial, defense/avionics and smart energy markets.

The Telephonics Advantage

    • A history of success in under‑hood engine and transmission electronics
    • Experienced in complex control of high and low‑voltage power supplies
    • AEC‑Q100 Automotive, DO‑254 Avionics and MIL‑883 & ITAR military qualification and manufacturing flows

TLSI Expertise

    • Architecture and parametrics
    • Cost/performance trade‑offs
    • Voltage/power analysis on your design
    • Advanced processes, circuit design and IP
    • Optimize and scale .35 μ process from up to 200 V
    • Port .35 μ to .18 μ for low‑cost designs up to 200 V
    • Integrate soft‑cores, Analog to Digital Converters (ADC), Digital to Analog Converters (DAC) and System‑on‑Chip (SoC) functions
    • TLSI proprietary switch‑isolated technology PST IP: isolation up to 200 V

Sample TLSI PMIS Process Options

    • .35 µ CMOS 3 V/5 V/20 V/50 V/120 V‑4 metal/thick M4
    • .18 µ Silicon on Insulator (SOI) 1.8 V/5 V/140 V/ 200 V ‑ 6 metal/thick bond pads
    • .18 µ BiCMOS + Epi 1.8 V/5 V/16 V/40 V/85 V ‑ 4 metal/Cu
    • .18 µ BiCMOS + NBL ‑ 6 Metals + BEO ALCU