Obsolescence Replacement

Economical EOL Solutions

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As part of our complete lifecycle management program, Telephonics Large Scale Integration (TLSI) has developed extensive reverse engineering and emulation capabilities, enabling us to economically solve End-of-Life (EOL) obsolete products’ needs. TLSI solves Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortage (DMSMS), EOL and obsolete product problems by offering a 20-year assured supply production guarantee.

  • Cost-effective Options

  • Option A – Reverse-engineer the obsolete part(s) only

    • Form, fit and function; pin-for-pin replacement
    • No Printed Circuit Board (PCB) board re-design or board re-qualification required
    • Lower Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) cost and development time option

    Option B – Integrate obsolete part(s) plus other components

    • Provides the most cost-efficient final Bill of Material (BOM)
    • Upgrade board performance and functionality
    • Requires PCB board redesign and board re-qualification
    • Higher NRE cost and development time option