Scalable Hierarchy for Advanced Radar Control


Imaging & Surveillance Radar

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RDR-1700G(V)2 Radar

The RDR-1700G(V)2 is a multi-channel, airborne, littoral and overland Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) search and surveillance radar system that incorporates target tracking and imaging modes. The system also provides sophisticated track filtering and Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) classification. It can be integrated on a variety of platforms including fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and aerostats.

Naval forces, coast guards, maritime police and border patrol forces rely on the RDR-1700G(V)2 for maritime, littoral and overland border protection, maritime and environmental law enforcement as well as protection of national interests.

The Telephonics Advantage

    • Overland and maritime
    • Multi-mode radar
    • Lightweight
    • Cost-effective
    • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) in one system

Additional Benefits

    • GMTI modes
    • Weather detection
    • Auto-track initiate – up to 1,000 tracks
    • Built-In Test (BIT)
    • User-defined multi-criteria track filtering
    • Image/track association and storage
    • Based on RDR-1700B growth model deployed worldwide
    • Integrated with the AN/UPX-43 Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) interrogator
    • Search, detection, tracking and reporting of surface vessels
    • Automatic Identification System (AIS) correlation and display
    • Moving maps – 6 basic selections; custom options available
    • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), imaging for overland operations
    • Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) beacon detection
    • Interface with the host vehicle for control and display self-test and status monitor