TILS Tactical Instrument Landing System


Tactical Instrument Landing System

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Telephonics’ TILS‑II assists aircraft landing in adverse weather conditions with a Ku‑band receiver, providing azimuth and elevation approach angles. By working with compatible ground transmitters, the TILS receiver provides continuous approach data to the aircraft system computer.

  • The Telephonics Advantage

    • Provides continuous lateral and vertical approach deviation data to aircraft system computers
    • Independent power supply, receiver and signal processor modules in a single, self‑contained unit
    • MIL‑STD‑1553B dual redundant bus interfacing
    • Real‑time continuous performance monitoring ensures guidance integrity
    • Selectable receive frequency tuning for 60 discrete channels (frequency/pulse codes)
    • Rapid turnout for I‑Level maintenance
    • Compatible surface stations: TILS, AN/SPN‑41A and (C‑Scan), AN/TRN‑28 (C‑Scan), AN/TRQ‑33 (TLS), AN/TRQ‑36 (Pac‑Scan), AN/TPN‑30 Marine Remote Area Approach and Landing System (MRAALS), Microwave Scanning Beam Landing System (MSBLS), Ships Precision Landing Guidance System (SPLGS) and Co‑Scan (commercial users)
  • Additional Benefits

    • Interruptive Built-In-Test (BIT) fault detection/isolation
    • Simplified production, maintenance and logistics support
    • Service life of more than 5,000 hours