TLSI Product Support

Design and Production

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TLSI Product Support

Telephonics Large Scale Integration (TLSI) has successfully designed nearly 400 custom Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and understands the critical need to evaluate multiple options and make design trade-offs. Our advanced silicon engineers are available to provide the inputs required to optimize a system or to simply discuss what is possible. From initial design concept through post-production, the experienced TLSI team provides complete custom ASICs product support throughout the entire life-cycle.

TLSI Product Support Advantage

    • Assess financial and parametric viability of the custom integration application
    • Directly assist in developing the ASIC specification
    • Work with engineering teams to evaluate system requirements, performance tradeoffs and cost-effectiveness
    • Utilize proprietary TLSI characterization and debug capabilities for visibility into potential design limitations
    • Work through test development options, standards compliance, environmental issues and mechanical concerns
    • 20-year production guarantee ensures long life-cycle support