Degraded Visual Environment Sensor

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Telephonics has specifically designed its VisionEdge™ technology to address the life‑threatening challenges associated with Degraded Visual Environments (DVE). By providing commercial and military pilots with a real‑time, 3D visual display of the aircraft's forward viewing, VisionEdge greatly enhances their ability to maneuver through adverse weather conditions, hard‑to‑detect wires and other flight‑path obstacles.

  • The Telephonics Advantage

    • Enhances visibility through sand, dust and other adverse weather conditions
    • Maximizes performance while employing a low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) design
    • Single array with no moving parts, enhancing reliability over system lifecycle
    • Helps increase safety by providing a real‑time image of the aircraft’s forward viewing area
  • Additional Benefits

    • Signal processor receives data from the antenna aperture
    • Images can be viewed on either heads‑up or heads‑down displays
    • Interfaces with onboard computers to enhance the operating picture
    • Two‑component system is scalable/reconfigurable, enabling simple integration with a variety of platforms