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Quality Assurance

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SEG's corporate philosophy is that quality assurance should be an integral part of the entire engineering process. As such, it begins with the hiring of highly qualified personnel and continues with in-depth mentoring of all staff. SEG believes quality must be inserted at the beginning of a task and maintained throughout, not engineered in at the end.

Our quality assurance approach also requires the selection of teammates with a similar business philosophy and commitment to quality improvement and customer satisfaction. The typical quality assurance approach used in the conduct of our engineering tasks is encapsulated in the following:

  1. Careful thought and review is given to the definition of the problem to be solved, the development of the technical approach and the identification of the engineering team. This is reviewed with the customer before proceeding.
  2. Periodic peer reviews are performed on all task efforts beginning with Step 1 above and continuing through task completion.
  3. Periodic meetings are held with the customer and possibly other members of the customer's team (Technical Interchange Meetings) to review work to date and to obtain concurrence for (or redirection of) the following effort to be performed.
  4. Each deliverable product is subjected to additional review and oversight focused on the technical content and its presentation (vugraphs, reports, etc.). At a minimum, this is performed by the members of the team and by the program manager. Depending on the specific task and the final use of the product, additional review will be performed by other members of the SEG technical staff and/or the customer. Reviews are performed to ensure the technical completeness and accuracy of the product as well as the quality of its presentation. Written quality (grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.) undergoes an additional review step with computer spelling and grammar checks and a third-party review.
  5. Follow-up with the customer is done after delivery of each product.