RaVEN Surveillance

Integrated Line of Surveillance Solutions

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RaVEN Surveillance

Telephonics offers a full line of ground surveillance systems specifically designed for border security, force and critical infrastructure protection. Our Radar and Video Enforcement Network (RaVEN®) systems can operate in a stand-alone configuration or as part of a network, connected via microwave/wireless or fiberoptics and controlled by a Command and Control (C2) center. From the arid desert landscape to densely wooded forests and rugged shorelines, the RaVEN family of surveillance systems meets the diverse requirements of a wide range of ecosystems and environments.

System Features

  • Integrated radar and electro-optical sensor suites
  • Capabilities include target detection, tracking, classification and identification
  • Operationally proven
  • Low acquisition and lifetime ownership costs
  • Built-in scalability
  • Available in fixed, portable or mobile configurations
  • Pulse Doppler, x-band radar
  • Long-range, high-resolution day and night electro-optic sensors
  • Automatic, continuous target detection and tracking
  • Capable of directing interdiction assets to items of interest
  • Rapid setup and ease of use