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World-class Supply Chain

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A well-functioning supply chain is critical to the delivery of world-class products to Telephonics' wide range of aerospace, defense and commercial customers. We are committed to working closely with our suppliers in order to ensure 100 percent on-time delivery, zero defects and the lowest cost for the goods and services that we procure.

Supplier Performance Rating System (SPRS)

Telephonics’ Supplier Performance Rating System (SPRS) is a composite score of a supplier’s performance, comprising a Quality Rating (QR), a Delivery Rating (DR) and a Business Management Rating (BMR). View our SPRS rubric document

All suppliers receive a score card indicating their overall composite score/classification. A determination on the frequency (quarterly or annually) of supplier performance ratings is based on assessment of both business and technical risk.

Certified Supplier Status

Certified Status is granted to suppliers that consistently achieve the following criteria:

  • Supplier rating of 99% or better in the quality category over the previous 12-month period, with a minimum of 6 months of activity


  • Reduced inspection process at Telephonics (dock to stock)
  • Faster payment processing
  • Preference for potential repeat/new business

Requesting Source Inspection

Source inspection may be required and will be identified by the Quality Clause on the purchase order. To expedite the process, Telephonics has developed a Source Inspection request form, which is to be completed and sent to the Telephonics’ Supplier team.

Source Inspection Requests shall be submitted only after the parts have been inspected to the Telephonics drawing and have been accepted by the Suppliers Quality Organization. Please make sure if there is a First Article Inspection (FAI) requirement with additional units ready for inspection that two (2) requests are processed, one (1) for the FAI and one (1) for the remaining units.

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