Physics Based Super Resolution


Physics-Based Super Resolution

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PBSR Resolution

In partnership with Information Systems Laboratories, we have developed PBSR (Physics-Based Super Resolution) which bridges the gap between bandwidth and image quality, typically found with conventional Fourier processing, providing a higher resolution image. PBSR performs a sequential estimation-subtraction of complex angle-Doppler-amplitude sinusoids from scatterers for each range bin.

Telephonics Advantage

    • Full aperture resolution with significantly shorter physical aperture
    • High-performance computing
    • Related to the CLEAN algorithm but tailored for Synthetic Aperture Radar/Ground Moving Target Indicator (SAR/GMTI) radar applications

Additional Benefits

    • Enables new modes including
      • High resolution video SAR
      • Wide area SAR imaging
    • Up to a 5:1 increase in effective resolution – Clutter to Noise Ratio (CNR) dependent

High Resolution 2D Processing

  • Image showing radar displays under several levels of processing