Communications Control Unit


Communications Control Unit

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Communications Control Unit - CCU

The CCU is a central component of Telephonics’ integrated mass transit communications system. By providing critical travel information, including GPS-controlled next stop and service-related messages in both audible and visual format via the Public Address (PA) system and interior/exterior message signs, the CCU truly enhances passenger communications.

By offering emergency intercom communications directly with the crew, the CCU also enhances passenger safety and a real-time, train-wide intercom system elevates operational efficiency as well as crew safety. The CCU is based on an advanced, network-enabled architecture that easily integrates with a wide range of transit systems. It advanced, open architecture and shared technology base with other Telephonics communications products ensures continued life-cycle support as well as the ability to facilitate future upgrades.

  • The Telephonics Advantage

    • Advanced computing architecture for optimized networked and high-quality audio communications
    • Scalability and configurability to address the requirements of both new transit vehicles and upgrade programs
    • Industry standard interface facilitates communications with external devices such as visual message signs, PA systems, digital and analog networks
    • High reliability with an optimized design for the rail transport environment
    • Part of Telephonics complete transit vehicle communication solution including, PA systems, message signs, passenger emergency intercoms, crew control panel and train radios