Air Traffic Control Surveillance Solution

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SkySearch®-2020 is a direct derivative of our pedigree SkySearch-2000 product line and combines Mode S Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR) with the latest in advances signal processing  technology to achieve superior aircraft reporting for civil ATC applications*.


Telephonics Advantage:

    • Meets or exceeds Mode S MSSR ICAO, FAA and DoD requirements
    • Supports Modes: 1, 2, 3/A, C and Mode S ELS/EHS and ADS-B
    • Cyber security protection
    • 3D automatic monopulse calibration

Additional Benefits:

    • ADS-B acquisition and clustering for minimized Mode S All-Call interrogations
    • Comprehensive Built-in Test Equipment (BITE) for fast, accurate fault detection/reporting
    • ≥ 2000 aircraft processing capacity with advanced data correction algorithms
    • MTBCF >6000 hrs./MTRR <30min/system availability: ≥0.9995
    • Beacon/search correlation
    • Superior positional accuracy using monopulse azimuth calculations
    • Azimuth start/stop sector control for interface variation, RF blanking and gain time control