Amphibious Air Traffic Control

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The U.S. Navy relies upon the Telephonics Amphibious Air Traffic Control (AATC), AN/TPX‑42, for Air Traffic Control onboard U.S. aircraft carriers and amphibious‑class vessels. Based on our signal technology, the system meets all shipboard and operational requirements while providing improved aircraft identification. With AATC onboard, naval forces possess a state‑of‑the‑art system that is easily upgradable to meet ever‑changing technology requirements.

The Telephonics Advantage

    • All processing functions are contained on circuit card assemblies
    • Communicates using a standard Versa Module Europa (VME) bus
    • Creates target reports by converting Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) replies from transponder‑equipped aircraft and search radar video from primary radar
    • Outputs SSR and Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) targets in digital target report formats and correlated or fused SSR and PSR radar reports where applicable
    • Built‑In Test (BIT) capabilities for both on‑ and offline fault detection and isolation

Additional Benefits

    • Housed in an approved shipboard ruggedized rack configuration
    • Redundant processor configuration for high system reliability, availability and survivability
    • Interfaces to standard Air Traffic Control (ATC), shipboard and ground‑based external radar systems