Advanced Radar Surveillance System

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Relied upon by multiple domestic as well as international paramilitary and government agencies, Telephonics’ ARSS features Pulse Doppler technology, providing wide-area ground surveillance for border security and perimeter protection applications.

The Telephonics Advantage

    • Fixed-tower, vehicle-mounted or lightweight man-portable configurations
    • Automatic tracking and Track-While-Scan (TWS) for 60–300 targets
    • All-weather, 24/7 operation
    • Stand-alone or networked operation
    • Highly reliable ruggedized design
    • Low acquisition and lifecycle ownership costs

Additional Benefits

    • Pulse Doppler, x-band radar
    • Mature and operationally proven
    • High-probability target intercept
    • Low power consumption
    • Easily integrated with electro-optic sensors