TruLink Accessories

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Extremely versatile, the TruLink® Wireless Intercommunication System includes multiple encryption options as well as a submersible version.

  • The Telephonics Advantage

    • Platform Interface Cables (PIC) PIC cables provide the interface between the Dual Port Transceiver (DPT) wireless radio and the ICS onboard aircraft, vehicles or boats. PIC cables are platform-specific.
    • TruLink Auxiliary Speaker System (TASS) A speaker system for vehicles or crew shelters, TASS allows users to monitor and communicate within the TruLink network without using a headset
    • TruLink Access Point (TAP) A permanent interface that can be wired into an existing Intercommunications System (ICS)
    • Software - Telephonics can create customizable configurations based on individual requirements
    • DPT Nosewheel Bag - Safely holds a DPT and PIC cable while attached to an aircraft
    • Headsets - A variety of headsets are available for use with the TPT, SPT and DPT
    • Battery Chargers - Charging stations fully recharge AA-Nickel Metal Hydride batteries within 4 hours
    • Pouches - Military and custom colors are available for your TPT, SPT and DPT
    • TruLink Speaker Microphone (TSM) A small, portable speaker microphone that is worn by the user and eliminates the need for a headset