M5OAS System

Mode 5 Operational Autonomous Surveillance (M5OAS) System

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Leveraging our industry expertise in the Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) field, Telephonics has developed a Transportable Autonomous Mode 5/Mode S IFF solution called M5OAS. The M5OAS is a standalone, fully operational All-Mode IFF/Air Traffic Control (ATC) interrogator surveillance solution that can operate in conjunction with or independent of existing primary radar systems.

The Telephonics Advantage

    • Provides a low cost, quick set-up situational awareness system solution that offers active long-range MKXIIA
    • Mode S surveillance and passive ADS-B, UAT, Mode 5 Level 2/Level 2 Bravo integration for ground-fixed and transportable radar systems
    • Can be used as a standalone complete active/passive IFF system
    • Suitable for Mode 5 and Mode S upgrades of legacy radar systems meeting the new and emerging IFF standalone surveillance requirements
    • Our latest All-Mode active and passive advanced IFF solution

Additional Benefits

    • Simplified integration (when required) with standard Ethernet ASTERIX interface
    • Provides secure IP interface via High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryption (HAIPE)
    • Ability to integrate into numerous C2 systems
    • All-Mode DoD AIMS Certified
    • Transportable shelter ISO configuration
    • Mode 5 Level 2B capable