RDR-1600 Search, Rescue & Weather Avoidance Radar


Search, Rescue & Weather Avoidance Radar

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Telephonics’ RDR-1600 radar is a cost-effective, versatile system utilized worldwide by civilian and military operators for a wide range of missions. The RDR-1600 is installed on over 600 rotary- and fixed-wing platforms and is fully compatible with today’s integrated or glass flight decks.

The Telephonics Advantage

    • TSO certifications:
      • C102: Airborne radar approach and beacon systems for helicopters
      • C63c: Airborne weather radar
    • Field-proven reliability

Additional Benefits

    • The RDR-1600 and its predecessor, the RDR-1400C, are maintained by our worldwide network of service centers
    • Lightweight design
    • Extremely low power consumption

Missions Served

    • Search and rescue with the ability to detect small boats
    • Ground/shoreline mapping
    • Beacon assisted precision approach/beacon location


    • Three specialized search modes:
      • Search 1: Includes enhanced sea clutter rejection for small boats/buoy detection
      • Search 2: Precision ground mapping for higher resolution applications
      • Search 3: Normal ground mapping for use in detecting prominent land objects or coastlines
    • Two beacon modes: SST-181E (2 pulse) and DO-172 (6 pulse)
    • Weather mode with severe weather alert