Search, Surveillance & Weather Radar

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Telephonics’ RDR-1700A radar is a high-performance, cost-effective system designed for fixed- or rotary-wing maritime surveillance platforms. The RDR-1700A integrates with other aircraft systems to help reduce crew workload, enabling civil and military operators to successfully carry out maritime surveillance and rescue missions.

The Telephonics Advantage

    • Track-While-Scan (TWS) processing provides target latitude, longitude, heading and velocity
    • Aircraft navigation system interface allows radar to integrate display of search patterns, waypoints and flight log data
    • Electro-optic infrared system interface for target positioning data
    • Enhanced sea clutter rejection for small boat detection

Additional Benefits

    • Lightweight design
    • TSO C63c certification: Airborne Weather Radar

Missions Served

    • Surface surveillance with TWS operation
      (20 tracks)
    • Search and rescue with the ability to detect small boats
    • Ground/shoreline mapping
    • Beacon assisted precision approach/beacon location


    • Flexible configuration allows for use of 360°
      or sector scan antenna pedestals with a variety of array sizes available
    • Display overlay configurations allow the integration of various radar mode data onto a single display
    • Operating modes include:
      • Weather avoidance allowing alternate route planning
      • Search modes – tailorable for specific mission types
      • Beacon modes (SST-181E, 2 pulse)
      • Navigation mode